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Bike Lovers Included

We just added a new feature for all those bike lovers out there: Bicycle Brackets! This way you can easily wash the canadian online casinos dirt off your bike after a hard day of trail riding up in Gilpin. Come try out the new bike brackets to keep your bike clean.

Bicycle Bracket

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No More Tangles

The car wash hoses have now been repositioned all for your added convenience. Now those pesky hoses won’t be inclined to entangle with each other. This will give you the ability to wash your car without fighting against the hoses. Check it out for yourself!

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In Bay Air Shamee

Try out the new addition to the bays: Air Shammees!

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Just Arrived Automatic Car Wash Unit!

New car wash units are arriving right now! The completion of the automatic car wash is on its way. Be sure to check out the new automatic car wash as soon as it’s complete! Remember the self wash is open still while the construction of the automatic is underway.  FOT2DF

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Free Air

The Car Wash added an air compressor for your free use. Please come try us out and fill up those low tires for the best gas mileage and car health possible!

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Automatic Car Wash

The New Automatic Car Wash Extension is up and running and on its way! Don’t worry you can still stop by and use the carwash 24/7 because its staying open while under construction. The new automatic is scheduled to be completed by the end of this September.

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