I love watching and playing 2v2 because there adequate room to

Varying field sizes.I love watching and playing 2v2 because there adequate room to play a ball into space or allow for the occasional dribble. In 3 although it still exciting, seems more centered on clearing the ball into the opponents half and getting to those aerials first. Yes, there still some aspect of team play but it mostly 3 individuals clearing in the same direction and scoring on the same goal while simultaneously trying to stay out of each others way.If the field were slightly larger in 3 and even larger in 4 this would add an entirely new dynamic and depth to those playlists.

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Bathing Suits If your favorite is Jalter for example, then using Merlin with her will make her stupidly strong. A lot of people want to see their waifu/husbando destroying things effortlessly. Hell, I remember seeing a screenshot of someone buff stacking like crazy and using damage boosting CEs to make Tamamo hit for several million Bathing Suits.

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